Solidarity Fund: Wash Supply Workers

Please donate to help laundry workers fired for winning the right to a union!


Laundry Workers Center is launching a Solidarity Fund to provide direct support to our members who won the Wash Supply Campaign. After the workers won a historic vote to establish a union at this consumer laundry, the company -- LIOX/Wash Supply, fired the workers and shut down the laundromat. We will provide the funds for food, rent, and other basic needs for the workers and their families. Our goal is to provide three weeks of salary to these immigrant women workers.


In response to poverty wages and unsafe working conditions, the workers of the LIOX/Wash Supply Company filed for an election to establish a union at their workplace. In a historic victory on January 29th, a majority of the workers voted to establish a union! This is the first time that a retail laundromat in NYC has successfully won the right to union representation! During the election period, the management of LIOX/Wash Supply Company illegally threatened to fire the workers if they pursued their legal rights to organize a union.


On February 19th, in retaliation for the determination of the workers to exercise their legal rights, the owners of the LIOX laundry chain fired all the workers at the Wash Supply Laundromat and closed down the Upper West Side location. They then moved the laundry machines to another LIOX location. The employers' action is a clear example of reprisal against the workers for standing up against the failure to pay a living wage and working conditions that endangered their health and safety. These laundromat workers allegedly were exposed to COVID.  Management failed to provide space to social distance or health and safety protocols at their workplace. The workers were also exposed to toxic chemicals and body fluids. Retail laundromat workers are at greater risk of being exposed to Covid-19 and other illnesses in their workplaces.


The workers further experienced illegal racial and gender discrimination in the workplace.


Despite being fired for exercising their rights, the employers, the workers continue organizing and demanding justice. As members of the community, we urge LIOX to rehire the workers and negotiate with the union. These essential workers provide service to New Yorkers in the most challenging times during COVID. Due to LIOX’s firing the workers in retaliation for their organizing, the workers are now lacking money to cover food, rent, or other expenses. 


We need to support these brave workers fighting for their rights in the middle of a pandemic. Please show your solidarity with the fired workers. Please give what you can to help. DONATE to the Wash Supply Workers Solidarity Fund. Support low-wage immigrant workers! 


Take a moment to donate today. La Lucha Continua! 

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Laundry Workers Center is a non for profit, member led organization that provides community- based leadership development to improve the living and working conditions of low-wage retail laundromat, warehouse, and food service workers in New York City and New Jersey. Our work aims to combat abuses such as landlord negligence, wage theft, and hazardous and exploitative working conditions, all of which are endemic in low-income communities.

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GOAL: $15,000.00

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